Our Origins...

Vancouver Tamil Christian Assembly was once known as Vancouver Tamil Christian Fellowship, which was a Christian para-church fellowship started in 2019 by Bro. Sekar Ponnusami in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. VTCA at the core of it’s DNA would be considered as a South Indian Community Based Christian Fellowship which was aimed to function as a para-church organization where individuals would gather to rejoice the Lord through Evangelism, House Prayers, Fasting Prayers, Women’s Fellowship, Full Night Prayers, and Supporting Mission organizations throughout the world.  

While initially the fellowship was not meant to replace a Church, it was the extremely positive feedback which lead the ministry to realize that the people of the Lord require more from such a platform. Upon further prayer it was evident that such response and growth was not a human doing. The Saturday-gatherings were slowly converted to Sunday Gatherings and by the prayers and support of God-Sent people, the fellowship’s administration is being slowly systematized into a functioning Church Service which is headed by Bro. Sekar.

Although initially we continued to gather in the house, the growing number forced us as a young community to look for other possible locations to gather. By the Grace of our Lord, we were finally able to find a small hall with a capacity to accommodate up to 75 members. While this should be enough for the time being, it is paramount that we find a bigger place as the church is already at the verge of filling its maximum capacity. 

We do acknowledge that we are still very much new, however, we at our core, understand that Spiritual Journey is an always an on-going one. It is not us who decide the level of maturity but God himself. We would be very much glad if you and your family could join us in our journey. 

Yours in Christian Love, 


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