Fairly Jeswina Philip
<Children's Director>

"For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable".
- Romans 11:29

God’s Word shows us how much He loves and values children, the great importance of teaching and valuing them, and that we can learn so much from them. Hence, we see why the evil one tries to devalue them, distracting them from their calling, and tries to crush and mould them into whatever the world values instead of using their God-given gifts for His glorious purpose. The world confuses and causes doubt in purpose, hope and love.

We at VTCA have the great joy and passion to help children know Jesus and the joy of following Him, discovering His gifts specifically given to them for a beautiful purpose in His kingdom, and the great freedom that comes with this discovery.

Many of the world’s eminent preachers in all ages received salvation through Christ Jesus in their early childhood. It is significant to teach and admonish children the love and the fear of God at an early stage of their life because they comprehend things far more readily than adults. True disciples and followers of Christ have come to the saving faith and grace through Sunday School. Sunday School has a significant and meaningful obligation to perform in bringing Children to Christ Jesus. It is essential to take utmost care in training up a child during the early stages of their life guiding them to the Truth of the Word of God and enabling him to develop Christ-like character within themself to be honorable and acceptable unto both God and human.

Hence the Sunday School has a pivotal role to play, in showing the right direction and creating a lasting impact in children developing in them a strong conviction about their faith and their purpose. Sunday School ministry plays a major role in the church; as children are the assets for any growing Church.

In Sunday school we teach the basic and foundational Bible truths to our children in a loving and simple manner. The teachers in the kid’s club organize the kids into groups based on their age where they practice different games, sing together and listen to dramatized bible stories in a way that builds the knowledge of God in them. All this is done in a safe and secure environment within their own age groups under the supervision of Sunday school teachers who love kids and have a calling to support parents to raise godly children.