A Cottage Prayer Meeting is a time set aside for a small group of God’s people to gather in a host home for sole purpose of praying towards the specific needs of the church’s ministry. Cottage meetings are not a substitute to attending regular church, but represent a valuable supplement that facilitates the consistent achievement of vital teaching and fellowship tasks that are at times difficult to accomplish by more traditional methods. Quality tin cottage meetings is almost inevitable, and the relationships that develop are much stronger and intimate than those developed in Sunday meetings by a greeting or a handshake in the hall. All this is achieved while simultaneously reaching multiple people within a limited time.

The cottage meetings are voluntary in the sense that the families open their homes for the cottage meeting and fellowship. At the cottage meeting, we indulge in deeper theological discussions, teachings and preaching just as they did in the early church. It is purely a spiritual meeting where we do worship the Lord through singing and encouraging each other through testimonies. By sharing the way the Lord answered our prayers over time and through being a witness to God's faithfulness to our lives, We provide a platform where individuals who are going through much difficulty in life, indeed understand that God is always in control.

It is beneficial for individuals to hear intimate, practical details of how God is effective in the life of someone they know personally. The environment of a home, combined with hearing God’s word, and a time to openly share our thoughts and burdens with fellow believers is a great strengthening moment in our Christian life.

We at Vancouver Tamil Christian Assembly, strongly encourage every member of the church to attend the cottage prayer so that we individuals not only enjoy the fellowship with each other, but also improve our intimacy with our creator God in the fast-paced world we live in.