Children's Ministry

We deeply desire to reveal the love of Jesus to Children by building relationships, engaging in meaningful play, and learning God's Word - and to have lots of FUN while doing it..!!


Snapshot is the name of VTCF's Youth Ministry. We believe more than ever that today's adolescents need a Biblical Framework to guide their lives into adulthood. Too many of our youth are tempted with whatever fad comes along and are compromising some of the best years of their lives. We are here to help them conquer the distractions.

Cottage Prayers

We at VTCF strong believe that we are born for the community,. The Lord never intended that we live our Christian lives in isolation. We are always looking for ways to do life together and one of those ways is to be involved through prayer where we share our burdens and pray for each other.

Prayer Team

VTCF Prayer focuses on Holy Spirit-led lifti8ng of one another to God where we emphasize God's mercy and grace. Our Church and the Prayer team prays every Sunday before service and during the week through zoom meetings to edify and uplift each other in the larger family of Christ's family.

Worship Team

At VTCA, we strive to create an Authentic Culture of Worship. God has musically gifted many in the Body of Christ. When those gifts and talents fit together through worship, in a church, the whole Body cannot help but be built up on it.